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  • Antique Mirror Kitchen Tiles & Splashbacks

    Antique Mirror Kitchen Tiles & Splashbacks

    All of our antiqued mirror and verre eglomise finishes can be made into custom sized tiles and splash backs.

    Our process begins with cutting clear glass to your exact specifications, polishing the edges and making cutouts for electrical sockets or drilling holes for utility rails. The glass is the toughened to make it suitable for use behind a heat source such as a range cooker or AGA. 

    We then individually hand silver and distress the toughened glass and deliver to your door. We also offer a measure and installation service for more complicated projects.

    March 29, 2017 by Admin
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    Reverse Gilded Glass Splashbacks

    Reverse Gilded Glass Splashbacks

    Along with our Antiqued Mirror our Verre Eglomise finishes can all be applied to toughened glass to make them suitable for use as splash backs, even behind a heat source such as an AGA. The leaves of gold, silver or copper are applied to the reverse side of the glass so the face is as easy to care for as any glass or mirror.

    See our Gilded Glass finishes here.

    March 27, 2016 by Admin


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