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    Toughened Mirror Glass

    Many designers, architects and contractors are surprised that we are able to offer toughened mirror glass.

    At Rough Old Glass our process starts with clear or body tinted transparent glass. Cut to size, edges polished or bevelled and toughened, we then hand silver the toughened panels to create toughened antiqued mirrors.

    Where mirror panels or tiles are being used behind a heat source such as an AGA or where there are socket cutouts required it's imperitive that toughened glass is used to prevent cracks occurring during or after installation. 

    In commercial environments too - toughened mirror glass is often the only acceptable material.

    The benefits of toughened mirror:

    • High Impact Resistance (At least four times stronger than annealed glass)
    • Heat Resistant up to 400 degrees Celsius
    • Complies with British Standards BS EN 12150
    Nearly all of our finishes can be provided on toughened glass. Order a finish sample here. Simply notify us that you require toughened mirror when you request an estimate.




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